Natyaratnam Kannan Pattali Smaraka Kathakali Trust


Promoting, and advancing the Kathakali art form. Kathakali Trusts share common goals centered around the preservation, promotion, and propagation of the traditional Indian dance-drama form, Kathakali. Here are some general goals that a Kathakali Trust may pursue:

  1. Preservation of Tradition: One of the primary goals is often the preservation of the traditional techniques, stories, costumes, and other aspects associated with Kathakali. This involves ensuring the continuity of the art form in its authentic and cultural context.

  2. Education and Training: Many Kathakali Trusts aim to provide education and training opportunities for aspiring artists and enthusiasts. This can include workshops, classes, and educational programs designed to impart the skills and knowledge required for Kathakali.

  3. Promotion of Kathakali: The trust may strive to promote Kathakali on a broader scale, both within the local community and on a national or international level. This can involve organizing performances, festivals, and events to showcase the beauty and cultural significance of Kathakali.

  4. Support for Artists: Kathakali Trusts often have goals related to supporting Kathakali artists. This support can take various forms, including financial assistance, opportunities for performance, and initiatives to enhance the livelihoods of artists dedicated to the art form.

  5. Cultural Exchange: Some trusts aim to facilitate cultural exchange by collaborating with other organizations and promoting Kathakali in different cultural contexts. This can contribute to a broader understanding of Indian performing arts.

  6. Documentation and Research: Goals related to documentation and research may involve preserving the history of Kathakali, conducting research on different aspects of the art form, and creating resources that contribute to the scholarly understanding of Kathakali.

  7. Community Engagement: Engaging with the local community and raising awareness about Kathakali can be a goal. This might include outreach programs, educational initiatives, and events that involve the community in the appreciation and celebration of Kathakali.

  8. Innovation and Contemporary Relevance: Some trusts may have goals related to fostering innovation within the traditional art form, ensuring its relevance in contemporary times. This can involve exploring new themes, incorporating modern elements, and adapting to changing artistic landscapes.

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