Natyaratnam Kannan Pattali Smaraka Kathakali Trust


While specific details of the vision of the Kannan Pattali Smaraka Kathakali Trust may vary, the general vision aligns with preserving, promoting, and advancing the Kathakali art form. Here’s an outline of the envisioned goals and objectives:

  1. Preservation of Kathakali Heritage: The trust aims to preserve and protect the rich heritage, traditions, and authenticity of Kathakali. This involves safeguarding traditional techniques, music, stories, costumes, makeup, and gestures associated with Kathakali.

  2. Excellence in Education and Training: The trust aspires to be a center of excellence in providing comprehensive education and training in Kathakali. It aims to nurture talents, impart knowledge, and preserve the classical essence of the art form through structured programs.

  3. Cultural Propagation and Global Recognition: The vision includes promoting Kathakali both within Kerala and on a global scale. The trust seeks to elevate Kathakali’s stature as a significant cultural art form, garnering recognition and appreciation worldwide.

  4. Innovation and Evolution: While rooted in tradition, the trust envisions Kathakali evolving in presentation styles, teaching methodologies, and adaptations to contemporary contexts. It encourages innovation to keep the art form vibrant and relevant.

  5. Engagement and Outreach: The trust aims to engage with diverse audiences, including local communities, schools, cultural institutions, and enthusiasts. This involves organizing outreach programs, workshops, and cultural events to create awareness and appreciation for Kathakali.

  6. Honoring the Legacy of Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair (Kannan Pattali): The trust seeks to honor the legacy, contributions, and teachings of Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair, popularly known as Kannan Pattali, by continuing his mission of preserving and propagating Kathakali.

  7. Research and Documentation: Some trusts focus on research, documentation, and archiving related to Kathakali. This includes collecting historical records, documenting performances, and conducting scholarly studies to preserve and enrich the legacy of Kathakali.

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