1. The Trust held seven Trust meetings and three informal meetings during the period 2020-21. The online seminar took decisions on the annual program of the Trust.
2. During Covid Pandemic tenure, the Trust set an example for the entire culture of Kerala by conducting a series of 40 online lectures.It was a platform for artists under house arrest to express themselves. A companion to artists through knowledge and entertainment To build confidence in people 40 sermons that made life possible Trust has prepared the stage for us.Chief Patron of the Trust on 9th August 2020 Sadanam Balakrishnan Ashan lecture series formally inaugurated. Dr. R. V. M. Divakaran in the last few weeks Raj Mohan Nileswaram, Utpal v Nayanar,Dr. Kumaran Vaileri, Kottakkal CM. Unnikrishnan, Dr. Sumita Nair, Dr.Manjula, Kalamandalam Udayan Namboothiri, Dr.K. Kamalaksha, VK Anilkumar, Padma Shri Mattannur Shankaran Kutty, P.V.K. Panayal, Keezhillam Unnikrishnan Namboothiri, Dr. Lissy Mathew, Dr. TK Santosh Kumar, Dr.Y.V.Kannan, Margi Usha, Dr. P. S. Radhakrishnan and other prominent people discussed various topics papers written by R. Kasargod District Collaboration of kudumbashree Unit and various art and cultural organisations and the lecture series became a different experience.
3. On 10th December 2020 Ashan commemoration and announcement of Natyacharya Award was held. Padma Shri Mattannur Shankarankutty Ashan was the chief guest at the event.
4. Natyacharya Award has been received by  Kalamandalam Gopi Asan on 27 February 2021 Thrissur Sahitya academy Vailoppilli
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